Trojan Accessories 

Trojan offers several standardized accessories for the TroTrof C1/9, C1/43 and TroTred product ranges. Using a polymer welding process, Trojan offer a full catalogue of bends and transitions. All welded products are made from standard straights. 

The Process 

A high quality polypropylene welding material is used during the process, ensuring that there is no differential or weakness at the weld joint. The joint strength has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The full report is available on our technical data page here. 

Cable Sheath Protection 

All polymer welded accessories are fabricated to ensure complete cable protection – internal surfaces are seamless and smoothed ensuring no sharp edges to damage cable sheathing. 

Bespoke Units 

Trojan is happy to explore opportunities to bespoke weld units for specific installation and design challenges. Working closely with designers to overcome limited space and installation issues, Trojan can deliver a step by step solution. 
For reports and further technical data, please make a request on our technical data page here. 

List of Accessories 

TroTrof C1/9 
22.5 degree bend 
30 degree bend 
45 degree bend 
80 degree bend 
90 degree bend – weight 17.5 kgs 
TroTrof C1/9 T-Piece – weight 24.5 kgs 
TroTrof C1/43 
45 degree bend 
90 degree bend 
TroTrof C1/43 T-Piece 
TroTred Walkway and Cable Trough 
22.5 degree bend 
45 degree bend 
90 degree bend 
TroTred to TroTrof C1/9 T-Piece 
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