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Trojan constantly looks for ways to innovate and improve product performance and deliverability. Taking its motivation from the health, safety, environment and sustainability, the Trojan team work with clients to improve existing products and develop new ones for benefit of the end user. 
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TSL only uses recycled polymers in the manufacture of its products, the injection moulding process produces zero waste as all surplus materials are re-used in the process. Any waste or offcuts from the project also produces zero waste as they can be returned to TSL for recycling. N.B. that the material can be recycled any number of times. 


All of TSL’s cable troughing products and ballast boards have won Innovation and Design awards. TSL is committed to a continuous programme of innovation for existing and new products. An example of this is the development of polymer fabrication of non-standard products to ensure the projects can overcome local “fitting/installation” issues. 


TSL considers itself as a team player contributing, and in support for the success of the project. 
For example: 
Initial training of installation teams 
On-site support 
Periodic reviews for best practices 
Trojan were asked to generate a selection of concept designs to showcase new ideas and development opportunities for a 700mm wide walkway and cable trough route with a nominal 200mm depth. 
Within this TSL were asked to compare capital cost of new products with existing products, together with a comparison of carbon cost of any new products compared to existing TroTrof units and concrete equivalent products. An important factor to the client was sustainability. Trojan commissioned a life cycle assessment from Ricardo Environmental Consultancy to determine the life span comparison of new product(s) with existing concrete. 
Using Trojan’s expertise of supplying polymer, injection moulded cable troughing to the rail industry, the team presented TroPath as their final submission. It has been accepted by the client and Trojan look forward to delivering another award-winning product to the rail network. 
For further technical information regarding TroPath, please make a request on our technical data page here. 
TroPath has been awarded The National Recycling Awards, Best Recycled Product of the Year Award 2017. 
TroTrof is Trojan’s original innovation. It took its inspiration from the widely used C1/9 concrete cable trough – using the latest to in technological - raw materials and production processes to offer a lightweight, safe and durable cable trough. 
TroTrof was the first polymer cable trough to be granted product acceptance by the UK’s Network Rail team. For Product Acceptance certificates and further reports, please make a request on our technical data page here. 
TroTrof won the Network Rail Environmental Award for Innovation in 2008. 
TroTred is Trojan’s second innovation. The team were given the challenge of designing a combined safe walkway and cable trough by Network Rail’s Maintenance Director. After initial consultations with Network Rail’s Airdrie to Bathgate Project Team, Trojan developed a unique unit that offered not only a safe, authorized place for rail personnel to walk, but also a large capacity cable trough. Trojan is proud to have been a part of Airdrie to Bathgate’s success story. 
TroTred set unprecedented installation rates, allowing the project to come in under budget and on time. For further technical information regarding TroTred, please make a request on our technical data page here. 
TroTred won the Network Rail Partnership Award for Innovation in 2010. 
TroBord is Trojan’s answer to traditional ballast boards and is up to ten times lighter than its concrete equivalent. Using the design approach of TroTrof, the team got its inspiration from looking at existing concrete products. This resulted in an incredibly lightweight and strong retention board, that retains the simple installation methods, but uses modern materials and manufacturing processes to overcome long-standing manual handling issues. 
For further information regarding our TroBord product, please make a request on our technical data page here. 
TroBord won the Plastics Industry Award for Industrial Product Design in 2011.  
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