Trojan Services Ltd create cable protection management systems for large infrastructure. Current industry users range from Military to National Electricity, Gas Grid, and Rail.

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We have been described as a Catalytic Innovator by minimising the detrimental impact on a social, economical, and environmental front. We create a superior alternative to concrete cable troughing systems of yesteryear with cutting edge, future proof, and environmentally friendly 'TroTrof' units. 

We aim to considerably reduce the CO2 footprint of every project we supply for with a more cost-effective solution that can utilise the UK's plastic waste. We intercept large volumes of selected plastics destined for landfill.

Every design is to create a fully sustainable product that supersedes any of our competitors from core design, installation efficiency, and whole life costs.  Our aim is always to do well and do good.

How it works..


Trojan Services offer unsurpassed cable protection through innovative recycled polymer troughs for your rail and infrastructure projects.

We provide rapid and efficient whole life design to delivery services to meet your unique requirements.

Trojan is with you for the whole journey. From creation and design, through the stringent process of manufacture, to the technical communication needed for install for completion.

Our products are not only innovative but sustainable from an environmental, social, and economic perspective.


*80% CO2 Footprint Saving.

  • UK sourced recycled HDPP

  • UK manufactured with minimal CO2 expenditure.

  • UK Delivered. 

  • Efficient Pallet design for minimal truck haulage. 

  • Nothing is imported, unlike other copycat products. 

*compared to concrete equivalent

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Trojan products are infinitely recyclable. Made from UK sourced recycled HDPP. Any offcuts or unusable products will be collected and recycled into new products. 

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Concrete equivalents are typically changed twice throughout the project life. Ours, once installed are there for the life of the project..

We'll even buy it back from you to recycle when it's finished with.


All our products are:

  • 1 to 2 person carry. 

  • Hand Tools Only.

  • Click to Fit

All increases installation speed from *50m/day to 500m+/day.

*typical concrete laying speed


Our quality control and polymer construction means each product is built to exceed their 30 year warranty and surpass on-site demands. 


All our products are stringently tested in Laboratories to make sure we surpass the Network Rail Fire Standards. 


Design, Materials, Production & our Personal Service is all 100% UK Based. Enabling us to be proud members of MiB. 


Every product is dramatically lighter than it's equivalent Concrete counterpart. Creating safer handling, faster installation and a huge saving on logistical cost. This accounts for major CO2 Saving benefits. 

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We create a completely flexible system. The normal units allow for 2° play both laterally and vertically.


Our Polymers meet or exceed

the following:

  • Fire Safety Regulations.

  •  UV degradation (life expectancy 120+yrs)

  • Extreme temperature range -45C to 70C

  • Anti-Slip

  • Anti-Static

  • Fast drainage

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We stock or create a multitude of accessories. The most common are T pieces and Multiple Angular Bends. 

We also create fixings for Railings, Lighting and various coverings for Site Traffic, Anti-Slip and Anti-Static. The material allows for Polymer welding for a fully customised fit. 


Anti-theft, Tamper-proof and Secure lids. We are constantly evolving our products and now have a patented system which makes for a super-secure lid.

  • Lids can be secured using any form of self-tapping screws.

  • Cable ties can be installed internally into the troughing to prevent cables being pulled out.

  • Lids can be quickly and easily replaced, unlike concrete where once removed they are often left off.

  • Lids do not break when removed by staff or thieves, meaning they are able to be replaced.

  • Much harder to remove individual lids once the troughing is laid end to end.

  • Add a Durbar plate for site traffic areas for up to 10 tonnes. 

  • The C1/9  lids can be fitted in bricklaying formation providing better cable route stability. All lids are constrained from movement by interlocking with unit sidewalls.

  • Tred lids have lateral movement constrains to prevent lids being displaced or falling into the troughs.
  • No heavy plant machinery is needed.

  • H&S incorporated into design. Non-abrasive, lightweight, easy to handle.

  • All our products can be fitted or cut using hand-held tools.

  • No Pull Box needed. Cables can easily be placed, lifted and laid. 

  • All units are 'click to fit' for quick, no-fuss installation.

  • Semi-Automated installation possible to achieve up to 800m/day.





Trojan Services Ltd is proud to be a true, fully-circular economy company. All our products are;

✔ Made From 100% High-Grade Recycled       Polymer.
✔ Patented Technology with several                 awards for innovation. 
✔ Integrate with existing concrete                     installations or standalone. 

✔ Anti-theft and tamper-proof. 
✔ British Designed, British Made. 

✔ Subjected to laboratory accelerated life       testing.
✔ In use throughout the UK rail network.
✔ Used in major projects around the World.


Bespoke products are our specialty too. With many custom made solutions for projects in North America. We are a fast-reacting team that can provide solutions to your cable management needs. Whether it be Rail, Power or Data cabling. 

Cable Management Solutions

We have many efficient troughing units in existence.  UK compliant sizes, walkways, and bespoke products available.

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Ballast Maintaining Solutions

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Over 1 Million of our units are trusted by the following:

TSL was the first supplier to be granted product Acceptance by Network Rail for recycled polymer cable troughs. We have delivered almost 1,000 kms (1 million units) to the UK rail industry - including Network Rail, TfL and Metro projects. Along with introducing new and improved product designs, TSL has been recognised by the industry with numerous innovation and environmental awards.