Features & Benefits     Winner of a Network Rail Partnership Award

TroPath is the latest innovational development from the Trojan team. 

Please note that this product hasn't been manufactured yet. Should this suit your large scale project then this can be manufactured with the minimum of lead time,

The product is designed to offer a variant size to the TroTred cable protection and walkway system for the rail industry giving our clients access to all the benefits of next-generation polymer technologies – both through manufacturing, raw material performance, and life cycle impact. 
The Trojan team collaborated with one of the UK’s most prestigious rail projects to develop TroPath, which is designed to offer increased strength, performance, and installation efficiencies to clients. It will be delivered to the site assembled and ready to install. 
The design for TroPath is complete and will be made available for any large scale project. For further information, please get in touch with our TroTrack Team. 

For product enquiries and orders please call 01302 888666 or email (using the button below) our TroTrack Composites  Team at our UK Distributor Trackworks Ltd